Greetings from Nashville, Hymn Nerds!


Hi everyone. How are you? Currently I’m enjoying a rare couple of weeks home in Nashville. I spend most of my days off writing music, laughing with my wife and watching Woody Allen films over and over. It’s wonderful. As of today it has now been three years since I’ve written a  hymn. That’s quite a change of pace from the 30 or so my friends and I used to write every year. We (Red Mountain Music) never saw hymn writing as any kind of competition, we were genuinely so excited about bringing that old poetry to life. It felt like we were all really onto something special. That work brought us into enduring relationships and friendships that stretch across the world. While it seems that my hymn-writing days are still (increasingly far) behind me, I look upon that time with great fondness and pride.

Of course I still have many more (around 100) unreleased hymns to record when I get around to it. Having turned thirty a few months ago, it seems that time is rushing all around and past me at alarming speeds. I’ve spent some time today making sure that every broken link on this page is now working. Any song available here should lead you to both an mp3 and a chord chart/lead sheet. I’d like to again make the entire Red Mountain Music songbook available for free download here. If you have any problems or questions feel free to e-mail me, your friendly ex-hymn-writer, and I’ll do what I can to get you what you need.

It’s been an honor to hear the many stories about how these songs have found their way into your churches and Bible studies and mission trips. To hear of the ways these songs connect you to your faith and the history it was forged in. It’s an odd thing to sing words written hundreds of years ago by men and women both alien and not so different from us.I travel nearly half the year making music with other beautiful and talented folks. If you’d like to keep up with that you can visit my new website Clint Wells Music for tour dates, tour diaries, photos and news about the records I’m working on. You can even hear the original music I’ve been excitedly writing for the past three years, although it is quite different and a bit more explicit than my work with hymns.

Wherever you are I hope you’re well and growing. I hope you’re listening to new music and reading new books. I hope you’re watching films that challenge you and that you are never afraid of new ideas or criticism. These last five years of questioning everything I thought was true have been the happiest and most fulfilling of my life. Here’s to the next ten years. See you on the journey.

Clint Wells


~ by clintmwells on January 21, 2014.

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