Unreleased Hymns

All Shall Be Well
mp3 ¦

Be Near to Me
mp3 ¦ chord chart

Come Mourning Souls
mp3 ¦ chord chart

Come, Sinner, Come
mp3 ¦ chord chart

Darkness Is My Closest Friend (Psalm 88)
mp3 ¦ chord chart

In Wisdom Hast Thou Made Us
mp3 ¦ chord chart

Love Unknown
mp3 ¦ chord chart

No Longer Visible 
mp3 ¦ chord chart

The Lord Will Come and Not Be Slow

mp3 ¦ chord chart


~ by clintmwells on March 23, 2011.

5 Responses to “Unreleased Hymns”

  1. Clint – just listened to “Come Mourning Souls” – it’s beautiful, and I’d like to sing it this weekend. Do you have a ccli number for it?
    I really appreciate your work!

    • Thanks, Ben. I’ve registered it with CCLI but I don’t think it’s up yet. It usually takes a few weeks. In the meantime sing it as much as you like and thanks for asking about that.


  2. […] leadsheets, and mp3 samples of almost all of their songs. Also check out Red Mountain songwriter Clint Wells who has a page with easy access to his many hymn […]

  3. Hi Clint…thanks for posting all your work. Have listened to Red Mt for a long time and have all the CDs. Am enjoying your unreleased hymns and really appreciate having lyrics/chords to follow along. FYI, on the lyrics for Come Mourning Souls, the word “magnified” is misspelled a couple of times. Thought you might like to know!

    • Thanks, Ricki. I’ll try and get that fixed sometime in the next century! Super busy these days. I’ve got about 50 more hymns I want to put on here. Hopefully I’ll have some time in December.

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